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Symbolism of Wedding Flowers from Liverpool Florists

Symbolism of Wedding Flowers from Liverpool Florists

The Meaning of Wedding Flowers part 2
If you are having trouble deciding what flowers to include in your wedding flowers, then you might want to think about the meaning behind each flower. 

Following on from last months' newsletter, we are gong to look at some other popular wedding flowers and their meanings:



Daisy Bride Bouquet
Hydrangea Bride Bouquet

The Daisy symbolises innocence and purity so it is the perfect flower to represent the beginning of your new lives together.

The Hydrangea represents heartfelt emotions and can be used to express gratitude, so it could be a perfect flower for your bridesmaid bouquets.




Peony Bride Bouquet
Sunflower Bride Bouquet

The Peony represents happy life, happy marriage, good health and prosperity, all perfect ways to start a marriage!

The Sunflower is said to represent pure thoughts, adoration and dedicated love so it is a romantic choice for your bridal bouquet.

*Next month find out the meaning of; Anemone, Carnation, Freesia and Orchids