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Wedding Flowers FAQ Current Trends and Flower Budget

Wedding Flowers FAQ Current Trends and Flower Budget

We often get asked questions from Brides who are nervous about the planning of their wedding day. It's such a lot to organise! 

Here's Part 2 of our Frequently Asked Questions blog this month.

And remember no question is too small! If you're worried and just want to ask someone who knows, hit reply to this email and ask us - we're happy to help!
Semi-wild Bridal Bouquet with lots of texture, including roses, freesia, chinnies, lavender, gypsophila, wax flowers and eucalyptus Side View

What are the current trends for wedding flowers?


The dominant trend for bouquets this year has definitely been a just-picked, slightly wild looking bouquet with lots of different shapes, textures and trails of foliage with the flowers.  

Colour wise ivory and blush pink are still incredibly popular. But dusky lilac is looking like the new trend for 2018.

For reception flowers, jam jars and bottles are popular and so are tall glassware with large statement pieces. So from one extreme to another with not much in-between!
Rustic bridal bouquet in pink, cream and blue with roses, aster daisy, nigella, spray roses, astilbe, lissianthus and eucalyptus

When will flowers be delivered – how long before the marriage ceremony? 


We will delivery your flowers around 2-3 hours before the wedding ceremony.

If you would like them earlier or later then we will accommodate your specifications.
Peaches & Cream Wild Country Garden Bridal Bouquet with roses, spray roses, astilbe, hypernicum berries & grey senicio leaves Side View


How much should I budget for wedding flowers?


As a general guide we recommend 10% of your overall wedding budget should be put aside for your wedding flowers.

This would give you flowers for the bridal party plus the venue and/or reception.