Winter weddings have a unique charm

The carefully chosen white blooms, featuring large-headed white roses, genista, tulips, and freesia, transformed the venue into a winter wonderland, radiating simplicity, and purity.The choice of white for their floral arrangements wasn't just an aesthetic decision; it was a representation of the couple's commitment to simplicity and elegance.

The clean and classic feel of the white flowers seamlessly blended with the winter setting, creating an atmosphere of understated beauty. Catherine and Neil's wedding serves as a testament to how a minimalist approach can result in a celebration that is both sophisticated and stunning.

Wedding Flowers in Winter Liverpool

Liverpool Buttonholes: Small Bloom, Big Statement

Neil's buttonhole was a masterpiece of simplicity and sweetness. Imagine a solitary white rose accompanied by touches of genista and freesia, perfectly mirroring the vibe of Catherine's bouquet. This small bloom made a big statement, encapsulating the essence of the wedding effortlessly.


In a world where details matter, Neil's buttonhole symbolized the power of subtlety. It showcased how a minimalist approach, even in something as small as a buttonhole, could contribute significantly to the overall cohesiveness and beauty of the celebration.

Wedding Buttonholes Merseyside

Women's Corsages: Small Bloom, Big Message

For the important women in Catherine and Neil's lives – Gran, Mum, Aunt, or any mother figure – a single white rose corsage worn on the right side added a simple yet meaningful touch to their attire. The choice of white roses symbolized purity and love, while the positioning on the right side playfully nodded to the timeless saying that women are always right.


These corsages weren't just accessories; they were a thoughtful way to include and honor the special women who played pivotal roles in the lives of the couple. A small bloom with a big message, encapsulating the love and appreciation for the female figures present on this joyous occasion.

Winter Wedding Flowers Merseyside

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