Meet Zayna, the visionary behind ZAZ Events, where creativity knows no bounds. If you're seeking a wedding that's free-spirited, eclectic, and uniquely yours, Zayna is the stylist to transform your dreams into reality.

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Boho Fusion: A Global Tapestry of Style

Zayna's expertise draws from her diverse background—born in France, nurtured in Normandy, influenced by the vibrant energy of NYC, and rooted in her Moroccan heritage. This fusion results in a style that's festival-inspired, whimsical, and bursting with vibrant colors.

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Tailored Elegance: Bespoke Designs Reflecting You

At ZAZ Events, we believe your wedding should mirror your story. Zayna specializes in crafting bespoke designs that uniquely showcase your background, style, and personality. From traditional Boho to the trendy Moho (Modern Boho), she brings authentic atmospheres to life, incorporating handmade Moroccan pieces and personalized tableware.

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Practical Magic: Hiring Services for Every Venue

Zayna understands the importance of a well-planned space. That's why she offers an extensive collection of decor pieces, furniture, and tableware for hire. Whether you want to enhance your venue subtly or make a bold statement, Zayna guides you through the process, ensuring your vision materialises seamlessly.


Collaborative Vision: Making Your Dreams a Reality

Designing your event is a thoughtful experience. Through collaborative meetings, Zayna works closely with you to decide on your event vibe, style, color scheme, and decor. Her goal is to transform your vision into a unique, magical celebration that exceeds your expectations.


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