Bohemian Blooms: A Wildly Romantic Wedding Affair at Sefton Park Palm House

Gina and Dan's wedding at the Sefton Park Palm House was nothing short of enchanting, with its remarkable blend of bohemian and wild floral aesthetics setting the perfect tone for their special day. Let's take a closer look at the key elements that contributed to the distinctive and romantic style of their celebration.


Bride’s Bouquet: A Symphony of Wild Elegance

Gina's bouquet was a true embodiment of her personality, featuring a combination of elements that created a wild and romantic look. The vibrant Dahlia took center stage, infusing the bouquet with energy and color. Pampas grass added a touch of rustic charm, while white roses brought in a classic elegance. The airy Gypsophila and the trailing Asparagus Fern and Eucalyptus added an untamed feel, making it a unique and personalized bouquet that perfectly reflected the bohemian theme.


Groom’s Buttonhole: Simple Sophistication

For the groom, Dan, a simple yet stylish buttonhole was crafted to complement Gina's bouquet seamlessly. Featuring a white rose and Pampas grass, it was a subtle statement piece symbolizing purity and new beginnings. The addition of Pampas grass added a rustic touch, creating a harmonious look between the bride and groom's floral elements.


Centrepieces: Enchanting Tablescape

The Palm House was transformed into a botanical wonderland with enchanting table centerpieces that continued the bohemian and wild theme Bold Dahlias paired with delicate Gypsophila created a captivating contrast, capturing the essence of natural beauty. Trailing Asparagus Fern and Eucalyptus added an earthy and organic touch, contributing to the romantic and free-spirited atmosphere of the celebration.

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