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North West Wedding Directory - How To I Do - Wedding Supplier

North West Wedding Directory - How To I Do - Wedding Supplier 

This month we are featuring Clare and Rachael, who in May 2018 set up their own North West focussed wedding directory - How to I Do.

Through their own wedding planning journeys they realised how hard it was to find the time to plan the big day they both wanted.

Clare and Rachael believe that How to I Do is different from other wedding websites because they only feature independent, boutique wedding businesses in the North West, with a fair share of the cool and quirky! They want to support the region in which they both live. They also are keen to have a website for everyone to feel comfortable using.

What this means is, you can expect to find North West Wedding Suppliers that reflect the multi-ethnic communities and marriages, to assist couples from all backgrounds to plan their wedding. On top of that, How to I Do recognises that planning a wedding should be a day for both future spouses and they hope to take some of th
e pressure off the bride! In that vein, How to I Do is a gender-neutral platform which also aims to assist same-sex couples and those who might have felt disconnected from the bride-focussed wedding world.


The How To I Do Team

Check them out: To get in touch, please contact All support is welcome and How to I Do can be followed on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for amazing wedding inspo and fabulous ideas!


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