Summer Blossoms Unveiled: A Symphony of Vibrant Florals for Your Wedding Celebration

The Bride's Bouquet: A Symphony of Colors Elevate your ensemble with the essence of summer through a burst of vibrant blooms. Cerise peonies take center stage, radiating a rich, romantic hue symbolizing love and passion. Paired with delicate daisies, they create a harmonious blend of boldness and simplicity. Lilac stocks add an elegant touch, infusing a soft, fragrant aroma, while pale blue delphinium brings an ethereal quality reminiscent of the clear summer sky. Your bouquet becomes a captivating masterpiece, radiating the natural, lively vibe of summer, creating picturesque moments forever etched in your guests' memories.

Wild just picked country bridal bouquet with Asters, Freesias, Peonies, Delphinium, Nigela, Stocks, Cornflowers, Spray Roses, Veronica, Lavender and Foliage

Bridesmaid Bouquets: A Coordinated Kaleidoscope Extend the summer charm to your bridal party with coordinating bouquets. Miniature versions mirror the rich cerise peonies, delicate daisies, and fragrant lilac stocks, creating a cohesive ensemble. The trio of colors—cerise, white, and lilac—adds sophistication while capturing the lively spirit of the season.


Rustic just picked Bridesmaid bouquet with Asters, Freesias, Peonies, Delphinium, Nigela, Stocks, Cornflowers, Spray Roses, Veronica, Lavender and Foliage Mini just picked country style Flowergirl Hand Tied bouquet with Tanacetum, spray roses, freesia and nigela

Trio of Vases: A Floral Feast for the Eyes Extend the floral magic beyond bouquets with a trio of vases as centerpieces. Strategically placed on reception tables, these vases create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. Filled with the same vibrant blooms—cerise peonies, daisies, lilac stocks, and pale blue delphinium—they add dimension to your decor. Consider adding greenery for balance, creating a visually stunning centerpiece that seamlessly transitions from ceremony to reception.

Table Centrepiece made up of 3 jam jars of just picked wild country style flowers

Conclusion: A Summer Wedding to Remember Incorporating vibrant blooms into your summer wedding elevates the ambiance, creating a memorable celebration. Cerise peonies, daisies, lilac stocks, and pale blue delphinium bring a burst of color without overpowering, infusing a natural, lively vibe into your special day. From the bride's bouquet to bridesmaid bouquets and the trio of vases, these vibrant blooms weave a floral tapestry, capturing the essence of summer. Embrace the season's charm, allowing the colors of nature to be the perfect backdrop to your love story, crafting a wedding day as enchanting as the flowers that adorn it.

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