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The Meaning of Flowers from Liverpool Florists

The Meaning of Flowers from Liverpool Florists

If you are having trouble deciding what flowers to include in your wedding flowers, then you might want to think about the meaning behind each flower. 

To help you, we are gong to look at some of the most popular wedding flowers (over the next few months) and their meanings:

Cala Lily


Cala Lily Bride Bouquet
Rose Bride Bouquet

If you choose white Calla Lilies for your bridal bouquet then this will symbolise purity and innocence.

Roses are the most popular flower used in bridal bouquets, but it’s no wonder they are so popular as they symbolise LOVE.




Tulip Bride BouquetTulip Bride Bouquet

Gerberas represent cheerfulness which is easy to see when you see all the vibrant shades they grow in!

Tulips signify the declaration of love – what flower could be more perfect when you are saying your wedding vows.

*Next month find out the meaning of; Sunflowers, Hydrangea, Daisy, Peony and Freesia