The Meaning of Wedding Flowers from Liverpool Florists

If you are having trouble deciding what flowers to include in your wedding flowers then you might want to think about the meaning behind each flower. 

To help you we are gong to look at some of the most popular wedding flowers and their meanings:

Calla Lily - If you choose white Calla Lilies for your bouquet then this will symbolie purity and innocence. 

Cala Lily Bride Bouquet

Roses - Roses are the most popular flower used in bridal bouquets but its no wonder they are so popular as they symbolise LOVE.

Rose Bride Bouquet

Gerbera - Gerberas represent cheerfulness which is easy to see when you see all the vibrant shades they grow in! 

Tulips - Tulips signify the declaration of love - what flower could be more perfect when you are saying your wedding vows.

Tulip Bride Bouquet

Daisy - The Daisy symbolises innocence and purity so it is the perfect flower to represent the beginning of your new lives together.

Daisy Bride Bouquet

Hydrangea - The Hydrangea represents heartfelt emotions and can be used to express gratitude, so it could be a perfect flower for your bridesmaid bouquets.

Hydrangea Bride Bouquet

Peony - The Peony represents happy life, happy marriage, good health and prosperity, all perfect ways to start a marriage!

Peony Bride Bouquet

Sunflower - The Sunflower is said to represent pure thoughts, adoration and dedicated love so it is a romantic choice for your bridal bouquet.

Sunflower Bride Bouquet

Freesia - Freesias represent innocence.  They also represent thoughtfulness so can make a beautiful addition to your bouquet.

Hand Tide Bridal Bouquet featuring Freesia

Orchid - The pretty Orchid symbolises exotic beauty, refinement thoughtfulness and charm, so it could be a perfect choice for your bouquet.

Anemone - The Anemone flower represents anticipation and excitement... that you will have just before you walk down the aisel.

Shower Bride Bouquet featuring Anemone

Carnation - The Carnation, which comes in a variety of colours, is said to represent love and pride.  A perfect choice for your wedding bouquet.


We hope this has given you some insight as to the meaning of certain wedding flowers to help you decide what you would like in your Wedding Bouquet. 

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